Terrorism Disclosure


(TERR-DISC Ed. 1/08)

Coverage for acts of terrorism is already included in your current policy. However, the actual coverage provided by your policy for acts of terrorism, as is true for all coverages, is limited by the terms, conditions, exclusions, limits, other provisions of your policy, any endorsements to the policy and generally applicable rules of law. You should know that, effective January 1, 2008, under your existing coverage, any losses caused by certified acts of terrorism would be partially reimbursed by the United States of America under a formula established by federal law. Under this formula, the United States pays 85% of covered terrorism losses exceeding the statutorily established deductible paid by the insurance company providing the coverage. The portion of your annual premium that is attributable to coverage for acts of terrorism is: $ 0.00. If, at a later date, a premium is going to be charged for terrorism coverage, we will provide you with notification of what that premium will be.

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